The world population is set to explode, from 7.3 billion today to around 9.7 billion in 2050, with two thirds of those living in cities. As urban areas grow, emissions will grow along with them: between 67 and 76 per cent of global energy consumption takes place in urban areas, consumption that accounts for a huge amount of total greenhouse gas emissions.
As the debate intensifies in the London Mayoral elections, are the candidates committed to creating cities that are fit for our ageing population?
The residencies are based in the dynamic area of Braamfontein, a hub for art, music and good food. Earlier that day I'd taken part in a 'market hack' just behind Neighbourgoods Market, with street stalls, demonstrations and activities for public audiences to try cutting-edge, creative electronic and design tools.
A global survey has revealed the most liveable cities in the world and no UK cities featured in the top five. *Sighs* The
Belfast has been revealed as the most affordable city for students to live and study in, followed closely by Nottingham and
These images are based on commuting data released earlier this year by the Office for National Statistics and show the commuting links between different cities in London and the south east. The point here is that, seen in this way, London is very much the 'mega city' depicted by the late urbanist Sir Peter Hall in his study of urban mega city regions of Europe.
Helene Joffe, Professor of Psychology at UCL, has found that most people's aspirations for living in cities are for friendlier places, with more space and the ability to travel. Generally, we want to be able to travel to see friends and family, we want conviviality, good health, safety, and employment.
It is easy to be cynical about the Northern Powerhouse. Critics have already labelled it as tokenism, or an afterthought from the Conservative Party to appease concerns that it does not think beyond its traditional strongholds. But it is more than that. Furthermore, criticising the vision before it has even got off the ground is actually counter-productive in the long run. | Places | Tutorials | Pinterest | Twitter | InstagramI love how happy this person is as she carries" data
The Economist Intelligence Unit's latest World Cost Of Living Survey has revealed the cheapest and most expensive cities