Citizen journalism

The tectonic plates in the world of media have shifted significantly since I learnt the trade. Phones with cameras means we hear a lot about 'citizen journalism', with much of the footage shown on breaking stories coming from YouTube.
The way in which we communicate and share information with one another is constantly evolving and, thanks to the internet, innovation and our ever-decreasing attention span, it is going at break-neck speed. But where does this leave the written word?
For now I'll sit back and let the professionals do their job and applaud Prime Minister David Cameron for getting it right at least once while in office remarking that too many twits do make a twat.
Just the other day, I was attending an event, and a friendly and I think genuinely interested Fashion Editor asked me about my background and how I ended up as a blogger. Had she not been that pleasant, I would have given the usual "we come from Mars where we were made in a big machine". Instead, I gave her a brief summary of the past 10 years of my life. It seemed to answer her question, but it made me feel uneasy, like I had to justify myself.