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When you’re navigating the emotional upset of a relationship break-up, it can be hard to find the headspace to deal with money too.
500,000 people are plunged into financial trouble every year following a break-up.
At this time of year, all I want to do is spend money. Money I have, money I don’t have. It’s all the same. My concept of
Given the huge importance of the credit card industry, the Financial Conduct Authority is right to look at its impact on
"The amount UK consumers owe on loans and credit cards grew by £1.9bn in March 2016, the highest figure in 11 years, driven
Sherborne is a postcard of upper and middle-class tranquillity in Dorset. Famous for its historic abbey and private schools. But Sherborne is a Potemkin town. Look beyond the superficiality and the poverty is very real.
Cuts in legal aid provision would lead to hundreds of thousands being denied the "help and justice" they needed, a volunteer
With the loss of their legal aid-funded employment specialists, the great majority of Citizens Advice Bureaux will no longer have the expertise and capacity to conduct such negotiation with employers, and to sift out misguided or evidentially weak claims.
We at Citizens Advice have consistently supported the aims to make work pay and simplify the benefits system - but we've also said that trying to reform the whole system in a time of spending cuts could seriously undermine those aims.