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My father-in-law is a devout opera fan so, when we were thinking of 70th birthday presents, a long weekend in Verona floated to the top of the list. The ancient city's association with the arts draws visitors in droves, most of whom come to see the legendary Juliet House, complete with that very balcony from which she famously called to her lover, Romeo.
Because while the big names are still popular, from London, Paris and Barcelona to New York, Toyko and LA, a new set of destinations have begun tempting single travellers with up to 27% of their bookings on the site made for one and a spike in the numbers choosing to travel there.
We finished our bike ride at the Blankense harbour: the Rivera of Hamburg. Sitting down with a cold Astra beer and a plate of freshly fried fish, I looked out over the water that surrounded us: a continuous feature of this city.
Dubbed the 'Manhattan of the South', Brickell (rhymes with pickle and nickel) is Miami's financial district, and used to be an all-work-no-play kind of hood. These days, however, there's a decent post-work scene, with new bars and restaurants popping up all the time, plus excellent hotels for those who prefer to stay in the heart of things.
The Spa Spanning the basement, the Energy Spa is a tranquil haven to escape the busy city. Styled in calming neutral hues
There's no getting around it: aeroplanes suck for the environment. And when the sun's out and you're dreaming of a city break someplace fancy, it's pretty tempting just to shrug your shoulders, accept you'll feel a tad guilty, and book a flight to somewhere in Europe. But, you can have the city break and keep a clear conscience.
I recently came back from a weekend break to Prague, and was absolutely blown away with the city. With its stunning architecture, colourful history and beautiful gardens, it's stocked full of everything you need for a fantastic city break. And the food? Well quite possibly some of the best I've ever eaten.
3. Become a culture buff Paris isn't just the capital of delicious food and extraordinary artwork. It's also the premier
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Many tourists wrongly assume Dublin is beyond their budget, but I don't agree. I've just returned from a break in the 'fair city', giddy on its atmosphere but not facing the sharp shock of a hefty bill. Here's how I did it.
Ah Paris - whether you are there for an hour, a day or a week there is just something about Paris that is magical. I've often had only a few hours or just barely a day to enjoy the delights of Paris and so to help others choose the best places to visit with limited time I've put together an outline of one such flying visit to the delightful Parisian streets.