City Lit

2016 was an awful year to be in the opinion poll or prediction business; 2015 wasn't too good either. The Tories weren't meant to win a majority in 2015; Brexit wasn't meant to happen; and we should have now been in the second 100 days of the Clinton Presidency. Even the legendary Nate Silver, the guy who predicted every state correctly in the 2012 Presidential Election, got the 2016 one wrong.
So as we can see, all votes aren't equal and neither are all wins. As much as who wins on Tuesday, how they win will be crucial to how they govern for the next four years.
"Events, dear boy, events." The live debates are over and most polls are showing a growing gap between the two main presidential
If nothing changes at this point, then Hillary could be heading for a win in the Electoral College on a similar scale as Obama. However, if Trump's share of the vote collapses even more, then she could make a seismic change in the way the map looks and the word "landslide" might come into play.
The next four weeks can be expected to produce more twists, turns and most likely outrages. The process can be described as horrific, but like a horror film or a bad soap-opera it is hard to avert your eyes and I feel we will be transfixed until the end.