City of London Corporation

Call me a party pooper, but I think this country should find something better to celebrate than finance, no matter how good the fireworks display they put on.
Family events and activities this November - all for free.
Investors pulling money out of The City pose a greater risk to London’s financial dominance than banks exiting the UK because
Parents attack Government's educational 'vandalism'
Recent news that Britain is lagging behind its Asian counterparts in educational attainment is worrying for the UK as a whole and especially worrying for business.
Bankers and other City workers have been warned by police not to help street beggars, while a report found that the number
Some Occupy London protesters at St Paul's Cathedral have already removed their tents and left the site ahead of an eviction
The legal steps taken to evict anti-capitalist protesters camping outside St Paul's Cathedral were more "extreme and draconian
Occupy London protesters who lost their bid to stay camped outside St Paul's Cathedral have launched an appeal against their