City Winery

Jorma Kaukonen, City Winery, NYC, 29/11/16 They say blues music usually falls into two categories: the I ain't got no woman
I tell the 75-year-old New Orleans pianist that his dinner jacket was pretty snazzy and I'd gladly swap. He signs my vintage LP instead, which I'll surely treasure for the rest of my days.
Six months after Lou Reed's passing, the inevitable musical tributes still pour in. In New York, there had been a bunch of concerts, and now the first recorded releases are available, including Joseph Arthur's simply put, Lou (Vanguard), which he performed in its entirety at Manhattan's City Winery, along with another dozen or so of his own songs.
A tune-up, unplugged gig, this one was, leading up to the penultimate Royal Albert Hall capper this 1 November. The three-piece version of Karl Wallinger's World Party that played New York's quaint City Winery on 17 September no doubt will pale in comparison in about six weeks to the wall of sound sure wallow through the sacred London music house.
The Rolling Stones' Hot Rocks 1964-1971 was the first record - a double gatefold album - I ever bought, back in 1972 when I was 14, unleashing an obsession with recorded music that remains more than 40 years later.