civilian drones

The world's largest civilian drone manufacturer is responding to an increasing tide of regulation as countries consider legislation to control the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.
As others have said, Amazon's incipient plan to fill our skies with autonomous delivery drones might have a few flaws. To
Amazon claims it will experiment with delivering products via unmanned drones. The news - timed nicely, and not coincidentally
A drone filming an American 'recreation' of the running of the bulls has crashed during the event, injuring five people. The
The outrage at the civilian drones is to be expected. There's never going to be a new advancement in the government watching people that isn't going to be met with some resistance, I'd put a lot of money on there having been a similar backlash against helicopters or CCTV.
An American enthusiast has outfitted a drone with paintball cannons as part of an effort to show how 'civilian warfare' robots