If the scriptwriters of the film Apollo 13 got a dollar every time somebody quoted their dialogue, they could probably fund
David Cameron should be able to look back on his record in office with a sense of pride and achievement. The Governments
The minds of the Irish people have become inflamed by fiery debate on the issue of Marriage Equality. In two weeks, our country takes to the polls to vote on Marriage Equality, and should it pass, could make not only Irish history, but world history, by being the first country to legally enact it by popular vote.
Nasa would like to clarify something - they don't necessarily think civilisation is doomed. Last week news outlets across
Civilisation is almost inevitably doomed, a Nasa-funded study has found. Human society is founded on a level of economic
As schools across England and Wales return from their summer holidays - with thousands entering the education system for the first time in their young lives - I am reminded of the words of a wonderful Sri Lankan friend of mine.
Today we live in an era of hyper-specialisation. We all drill deeper in our silos. How else can you keep up, let alone get ahead in our frenetic, rapidly changing, competitive world? Yet we seem to get stuck, as the same ideas and arguments get recycled, only faster than ever before (thank technology, social media and the blogosphere).
If we know one thing, we know wars are dreadful, the worst that can happen to mankind. So how can we deal with the awkward fact that, in the great sweep of human history, wars have surprisingly often produced the breakthroughs, in ideas as well as technologies, the rest of us then come to depend on?
The tale of a man who played Civilisation II for ten years only to witness the world to descend into a "hellish nightmare
One man's 10 year quest to bring peace to a Civilisation II game world appears to have been achieved after his story was
UPDATE: Reddit users have reported progress in the 'Eternal War' after user uploads Civ II save game... What will the world