From disenfranchisement to disillusionment, these people are planning to avoid the polling booth or spoil their ballots.
An 18-year-old has died following the incident at Clacton-on-Sea on Thursday afternoon.
Screenshots of a Facebook page which carried Bray’s name showed a message which read: ‘just read a site that says muslims
My work suggests working-class Tories rather than Labour traditionalists are most likely to defect to Ukip, but their overall point holds: this is not a movement Labour can afford to ignore.
Boris Johnson may have ruled himself out as the Conservatives' candidate to take on Tory turncoat Douglas Carswell, but he
If Carswell is reelected next month, we can definitively say that we have a four-party system in the UK. At every level other than General Elections, Ukip has been in third place or better. If UKIP wins a Westminster seat next month, on what basis can Nigel Farage really be excluded from any televised leaders' debates at the General Election?
Carswell poses with a Ukip supporter outside the party’s Clacton HQ Asked how he has dealt with the Tory critics to his move
Britain's seaside towns have become 'a dumping ground' British seaside resorts are among the poorest parts of the country
Britain's seaside towns have become 'a dumping ground' Crowds used to flock to Britain's seaside towns, with the likes of