Claire Danes

As this second series speeds up for a dash to the finishing line, it's all about one-to-one confrontations: Carrie and Nazir
In the aftermath of last week's slightly unlikely scenario of the United States' most prized security asset being nicked
'Homeland' always throws up weird combinations, such as Estes and Roya flirting in Episode 1, something that seems to have
What's killing me is that I know how incredible you can be and have been. I hope you find yourself again. Forget what all these people are telling you to do and how to act. Be yourself. That's what I loved.
'Homeland's episode last week was the stuff of which, for any other television series in the land, season finales are made
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You'd think after last week's 'Homeland' shenanigans - Brody forced to kill a man with his bare hands because the phone rang
After Saul's extraordinary discovery in Beirut, he had to get the evidence back to DC, something he managed with an slippery
Lebanon's tourism minister is considering suing the makers of 'Homeland' over the way Beirut is portrayed. In a scene from
A third series of 'Homeland' has not been commissioned yet, but that hasn't stopped Channel 4 snapping up the rights to it