Clark Kent

The cast, the scriptwriter, the producer, the composer (Yes, I am listening to snatches of Hans Zimmer's score as I write this!) It's the optimum mix of the right talent at the right time that can only lead to perfection, right? I am firm in the belief that Man of Steel could be the most epic superhero story ever told on the big screen.
It's arrived - the latest 'Man of Steel' trailer is here! Henry Cavill is suitably beefed up in the latest reboot of the
You may have noticed from all those 'Films you need to see in 2012' that one or two of them feature superheroes. Batman is rising, Spiderman and Superman are rebooting and Ironman, Hulk, Thor, Captain America and Samuel L. Jackson are getting together to be Avengers.
Henry Cavill has said he's glad he didn't land a massive film role until he became a more experienced actor. The star of