Clarke Carlisle

Hopefully what we learn from Aaron Lennon's situation is that we shouldn't have to wait until crisis point to work with those people who need help. We need early intervention and prevention strategies in place; mechanisms to discuss issues before they become a significant problem and professional treatment is required.
bmm banner.jpg Anxiety and depression do not discriminate, whether footballer or fan; and whilst men are less likely to speak out about them, when they do let's not stigmatise their pain or desire for help, let's rather support their need.
Former footballer Clarke Carlisle has shed light on why actor Ralf Little was so scathing of him after he revealed the details
I've not talked about this for years, so here goes. Here's my Great Taboo. I tried to kill myself when I was 19 or 20 - the event is so shrouded by silence I can't even remember exactly when it happened. I won't go into why I felt so crap about life, but I did. I now know that what I did was a cry for help, that I wanted to be found and thankfully I was.
Carlisle was once the Professional Footballers’ Association chairman Mental health charities praised the footballer's "brave
Carlisle was once the Professional Footballers’ Association chairman “Am I really that out of order for suggesting that’s
And the Kick It Out anti-racism campaign posted: "The thoughts and prayers of everyone at Kick It Out are with Clarke Carlisle
If ITV didn't have Andy Townsend then viewers' ire would be vented solely at pseudo-intellectual Clarke Carlisle, whose emergence
As the Chairman of the Professional Footballers Association, Carlisle talks with a mix of glowing pride and frustration. Pride at the unrelenting work which the PFA is doing, and frustration at the lack of recognition that it can sometimes receive. The PFA does, after all, have an awful lot to be proud of.
England football stars would be well within their rights to walk off the pitch if they are racially abused during Euro 2012