Class Warfare

The Grenfell tragedy shows us what happens when we refuse to listen to people, rendering them powerless. We know the residents
The criminalisation of poverty has destroyed more lives in this country than any number of terrorist bombs ever could. Men, women, and children have had their spirits crushed under the juggernaut of despair.
The war on the poor aka 'welfare reform' is being waged with that much more ferocity and that much more cynicism in the weeks
Like a creepy uncle contemplating emigration, page three is unlikely to be missed. But the hydra-headed jubilation in some of the press is little more than an unseemly basking in a class-tinged tyranny of some people's taste over others, which distracts from an appreciation of painful economic inequality.
The Free Market isn't free. Its cost is measured in human despair and truncated lives. That we have a situation in one of the richest economies in the world where people, including children, do not have enough to eat, is nothing short of a crime.
I'm a member of the Labour Party. I was a Labour councillor in my home town or York for six years, and even stood as a parliamentary candidate for them in 2005. I've been a Labour supporter for the last 20 years. But yes, I'll admit it: though I struggled for years to dispute it, I'm middle class and always have been.
If nothing else, for the sake of our children and children's children, it is time for society to unleash war on the Tories. This, to clarify, will not be a war of aggression, it will be a war against their aggression on the part of those who understand that collectivism not individualism is what separates us from the abyss of barbarism.
Disgusting does not come close to describing the latest offering from Channel 5 - On Benefits And Proud - which aired for the first time this week. In the show various benefit claimants - code for the undeserving poor - are tracked down by deserving taxpayers with the object of illustrating how these benefit junkies are ripping us all of - 'us' being the smug, self satisfied majority for whom poverty is just another word in the dictionary.
Around a year ago, I had occasion to work with three other men on some construction projects for film sets. The work was scattered around a number of venues across London, and each job required various specialised tools...
Made in Chelsea instills a post code hatred in all of us. Is the propagation of the wealthy in popular culture responsible for classist attitudes in the UK?
Discrimination is discrimination and like it or not, students from public schools do suffer at the hands of it. Why? When is any of this information relevant to whether or not you are a good enough candidate for a place at university or a job? The answer is never.
Before the UK, I had no idea that supermarkets could be ranked posh. I thought organic olives and manchgo cheese were for hungry people worried about chemicals, not a consumer choice that could be linked to a double-barrelled surname.
There is a myth that class politics died when it was disowned by the mainstream left. In reality, it was taken up and prosecuted more effectively in a covert form by a new breed of right wing class warrior.
If economics were an Olympic sport, George Osborne would be asked to hand his team vest back after a performance that sits somewhere between woeful and utterly incompetent.
It was Bertolt Brecht who reminded us that it's a far greater crime to own a bank than to rob one.
Schools are segregated along class lines, leaving the poorest children struggling to achieve against poverty and deprivation
Hardly a day goes by without Pakistan featuring in international headlines with news of bloodshed, natural catastrophe, social disharmony, political unrest and everything except progress, stability and quasi perpetual peace.
Much has been said about whether "Occupy Wall Street" will finally be the spark that brings the impetus for economic and