claude littner

The multi-millionaire’s comments have not gone down well on Twitter following his appearance on Good Morning Britain.
Yep, it was business as usual for one of the BBC's most ridiculous celeb shows.
The business mogul said he'd be too "assertive and aggressive" to impress Lord Sugar.
Ah, the sweet sound of grown-ups squabbling over fish at Billingsgate and debating team names that would embarrass primary
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It's vitally important to give young students a chance, but equally let's give them the tools to try to succeed. Give them the opportunity coupled with business education and real life experience and they will absolutely show just how clever they really are. Effective mentoring can be the key to unlocking this potential.
The announcement that Claude Littner will be Nick Hewer's replacement as one set of Lord Sugar's eyes and ears in The Apprentice has more than likely struck fear in to the group of hopefuls that are looking to have the chance to win the £250,000 investment.