The five things you need to know on 3 June 2013... 1) AN END TO 'GROUNDHOG DAY'? Three peers - Lords Cunningham, Mackenzie
Life size cut outs of David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Boris Johnson advertised on Amazon are attracting the ire of voters in
Nick Clegg is to draw on Thatcher's legacy to accuse his Tory coalition partners of being untrustworthy in a conference speech
The deputy prime minister's political aspirations aren't the only thing about him that is endangered. His surname is one
Nick Clegg has been forced to issue an embarrassing clarification after suggesting official predictions existed for how many
Now that the memo is public people should start worrying about the plans it contains. As ever it appears that the demands of politics have crossed the demands of the people, at current funding levels academies, free schools and 'normal' state schools will require an increase in funding just two months before the next general elections
A majority, 52%, think MPs should NOT 'have a say in the system of press regulation', as this 'threatens the principles of a free press'. 31% disagree. In other words, the centre of gravity of public opinion is for a new law to ensure that press regulation works - but for the regulation system itself to be designed and managed away from Parliament.
Nick Clegg has warned Tory rebels who joined forces with Labour to inflict a damaging defeat on the coalition they have "absolutely
US presidential candidate Mitt Romney will meet David Cameron and Nick Clegg later on Thursday, having met Ed Miliband this
Nick Clegg has laid bare a major coalition rift by revealing that he wants David Cameron to launch a sleaze probe into Culture