I am of course falling prey to 'clickbait' and also happen to be just one of the many b*stards on the planet who use the dark art as part of their vocation - it is a tool in the armoury of many industries.
Animal Farm Where's Wally? The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Time What happens when you ask Twitter to combine
Virality has many components. Among them social currency (the kudos brought to someone by sharing), emotion (the ability to move, shock, make you laugh), practical value (teachable, how-to articles) and story-telling. Because people don't think of themselves in terms of information, they think of themselves in terms of narratives.
Watch out, journalists who create clickbait headlines - the Twitter account Saved You A Click ("Don't click on that. I already
The Internet is a tool that has the capacity to help art and creativity flourish and develop, yet we must be careful to utilise it properly, in order to avoid limiting it's scope for intuition and originality. Moreover, I believe that spoken word has an exciting role to play in the dissemination of information and formation of public discourse.