climate adaptation

For this Paris Agreement to make the impact we need to avoid climate change spiralling out of control, we need it to build from strength to strength, and that means placing poor people at its beating heart.
As the world's decision-makers congregate in Davos this week, one of the most pressing issues will be also one of the most fundamental: Water.
The mass grave in Tacloban during Haiyan's first anniversary. The mass grave in Tacloban are lined with white crosses. Survivors
Many countries in Asia are extremely vulnerable to climate change. For this reason, the Conference of Parties (COP) 21 which
Climate change is one of, if not the, greatest threats to our planet. Of course, this comes as no shock to many. But, what hasn't been stressed is the how: how do we reverse the catastrophic effects of global warming? Two potential solutions have circulated through international debate: mitigation and adaptation.