climate change deniers

The public has a short memory when it comes to historical changes in the climate, so an additional key task of campaigners and scientists over the months ahead will be to ensure the public understands that these extreme weather events are not normal, but are the early warning of the disaster before us.
Not only are we battling the effects of climate change, and how to half them, but we've also got the task of persuade people
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The Liberal Democrat Energy Secretary has savaged Tory climate change sceptics, saying they showed "wilfully ignorant, head
BLOG: Denying climate change exists costs lives When the dust settles on the latest report by the Intergovernmental Panel
Rejected and ridiculed by the rest of us, conspiracy theorists tend to hide away on internet chat forums where they blather on about the collapse of 7 World Trade Center, the rise of the Illuminati or the omnipresence of Mossad. Not the climate-change deniers. Unlike Israel's intelligence agency, they really do seem to be omnipresent these days.