climate crisis

“Apparently, we’re meant to take this cartoon clown seriously, as he stands up there, dribbling words out of his mouth arse.”
Devastating crises have sprung up around the globe in the quick succession, furthering climate change fears.
Demonstrators caused major delays and frustrated drivers keen to get to work during rush hour.
Britain is set to host the COP26 summit – but critics say the government has dropped the ball on the environmental crisis.
Greenpeace hails the phasing out of one of the 20th century's "most dangerous polluting fuels".
The activists' protest are expected to trigger "significant disruption".
The renowned environmentalist took aim at Downing Street this week.
The bird announced its return to former stomping grounds through a piercing cry.
Happisburgh in Norfolk is the picture-perfect coastal village. But there is one problem – it’s falling into the sea, turning its residents into climate migrants.