Climate emergency

Temperatures in Scotland plunged to their coldest level in 25 years – but "weather is not the same as climate".
Climate activist Greta Thunberg told the world's business leaders at the virtual World Economic Forum, usually held in Davos, that the time for "small steps in the right direction" to deal with climate change is over.
As the coronavirus pandemic raged, hopes this year would be pivotal for climate change action faded. But all is not lost. Yet.
Forecasters have warned that temperatures could beat the 37.8C recorded at Heathrow in July.
The rise of single-use plastics to tackle the coronavirus is understandable, but as face masks become mandatory the decision over which type to have is becoming more important. Single use plastic is winding up in our oceans, but the pandemic is also allowing companies and governments to cover reversing on decisions and action that will help reduce our plastic waste.
Successive storms have brought widespread damage across the UK as unprecedented flooding ruins homes, businesses and property. Is this Britain’s new normal in the face of climate change and can the government do more to help people that live close to rivers and coasts?
The prime minister is spending the day at Chevening as the country recovers from Storm Dennis.
Fashion is a trillion-dollar industry – and the second-biggest polluter on the planet. Demand for cheap clothes has led to a rise in fast fashion, and every year we send over £140 million worth of clothes to landfill, while one in six of us have as many as five things in our wardrobe that we’ve never even worn. Here is exactly how fast fashion is harming the environment, and what you can do to stop it.
Once the ban comes into effect, motorists will only be able to buy electric or hydrogen cars and vans.
Sacked climate change summit president tells voters to be wary of the PM's promises.