climate week

Today marks a significant moment for society at large. The message from more and more companies, citizens and governments is clear: building a low carbon economy globally, nationally and locally can make us more prosperous.
During Climate Week (March 4-10) I am putting this theory to the test with a Fun and Games to Save the Planet event at the London Science Museum on March 6 and we are inviting people from all walks of life to come and 'have a go'.
Food is a precious resource, yet every year UK households throw away seven million tonnes of food. This has a huge impact on our environment, as huge amounts of energy are poured into the transportation, production and packing of food that is ultimately wasted.
This Climate Week, I was tasked by the Science Museum to speak on motivating engagement with climate change. I will start with a question...
The key to action on climate change is leadership. That's why Climate Week, Britain's biggest climate change campaign, is trying to identify and applaud people in every part of society who are showing leadership that helps bring about the transition to a sustainable world.