Last week, British designer, the eclectic pink-haired Zandra Rhodes, hosted a dinner party for an intimate group of journalists and I was privileged to be one of the guests
I have a Parisian friend that is unashamedly fabulous. Quite simply whenever I see her she always looks amazing and is never
I have a confession, and this is it: I buy too many clothes. I will also admit that more often than not, I will buy lots of cheap clothes in one foul credit-crunching swoop.
French fashion chain La Redoute has been forced to cover up an embarrassing 'faux pas' after it forgot to airbrush a naked
You might not be aware of it, distracted as you are by the armies of spendy hipsters that march through your doors each week, but our relationship has been deteriorating for years. If indeed, it was ever truly a relationship to begin with - I've hankered after your nostalgic blouses, your vampy skirts and your little strappy dresses for yonks now, while you remain coolly oblivious.
I'm busy packing for Christmas in New York (woo!) at the mo so this is just a whole bundle of Christmas present fun with loads of stuff from some of my favourite brands and stores - more of a wish list than a shopping one - for you to have a quick nose at and for my friends and family to take 'inspiration' from...Cold, hard cash and Starbucks vouchers also accepted.
Who actually goes to Christmas parties, really? Apart from, potentially, one work do, which let's face it is more likely to be a karaoke sesh with Carol from accounts than the Ambassador's reception, I can't think of a single social function I attend at Christmas where it wouldn't be appropriate to wear a jumper and a bobble hat.
Voilà. I'll be damned if you don't take Paris by storm with this sound advice. And if not, remember that dressing badly during a crisis is perhaps the classiest thing a modern, politically conscious girl can do.
The latest advertising campaign from clothing company Benetton featuring world leaders kissing each other will no doubt stoke
If I pass a pile of hats in a shop, I just can't help picking one or two up and admiring myself in a mirror, realising I look ridiculous and then feeling disappointed. It can be any kind of titfer - from a porkpie to a top hat or a bowler to a fez (which, so they say, are cool).