Interest rates must rise by five percent now, not stay low nor creep up a little at a time, or they, and inflation, will
When I moved to the US in the 1990s, one of my first and best discoveries was Eileen Fisher. I'd never encountered the brand
I am finally resigned to my fate. After years of fighting it - of squeezing myself into clothes that were the wrong shape, shoes that were the wrong fit, and underwear that was just too darn small - I have accepted that my natural match on the high street is, in fact, M&S.
Much effort goes into planning a fashion week front row. It may seem like a charming co-incidence to find the fragrant Anna Wintour placed next to a, lets face it, frankly ridiculous looking fluro-outfitted Nicky Minaj
Whether one is dining in the restaurant car of the Wagon-Lit carriages of the Orient Express, or simply going round for a casual, round the kitchen table supper with friends, one should make an effort and not carelessly abandon one's sense of occasion.
It's not easy to start university. The nerves, the nightclubs, the new people. So, if you're worried about how you'll get
I remember my granny saying that she never felt old, that she never noticed time passing, and I know what she means now. In the Tarot of midlife, I am shifting from the Empress card of fertility and family to the High Priestess, the goddess within.
Bodies change; don't clutter your life with things that might fit when you lose those 5 extra pounds. There are incredible clothes available in sizes from Le Petite Waif to Curvaceous Amazon Queen, and a wardrobe is no place for what ifs. If it no longer works for your shape, goals, or taste, it's gone.