Cloud Computing

As economic downturn puts a dark cloud across Europe, there is a clear sky above Ireland's IT sector and silver linings within its growing cloud business.
The final whistle was blown at the UEFA EURO 2012 championships last month, with Spain reasserting their superiority as European football's top side once again. As football fans and critics continue to review the highlights and controversies of the tournament, Spain isn't the only team celebrating success; the ICT team at UEFA has much to celebrate too.
As sunshine starts to peek through and welcome us into summer, I look to the fluffy white clouds above. A beautiful sight. A warm and reassuring image. We instantly associate those little swirly friends with blissful connotations.
'On a scale of one to 10...' is a classic prompt that has been used to measure just about everything: emotions, the success of a new film or employee performance during reviews. And why not?
Should we be horrified by European bureaucracy or beat the drum for watertight data protection?
London 2012 will not be a showcase of the latest technology like cloud computing and instead will run on trusted technology
Clouds are forming above the digital world and companies like Microsoft and Apple are asking us to enter them, to enter 'the cloud'. But what is this cloud and why should we care? Is this a genuine leap or, like Icarus are we just going to get burnt.
BT will offer free OnLive cloud gaming to its broadband customers from today. OnLive's disc and software-free gaming service