Cloud Computing

While employees enjoy the free cloud playground, it's important for them to remember that with every corporate file shared, someone could be watching, waiting to intercept.
Cloud computing is no different from the other risks your business faces. When you opt to put an essential element of your business in the care and control of an outsourced provider you need to have made that decision with due consideration to your business needs and the risks associated.
Cloud computing is a technology that lets users access information over the internet, instead of programmes installed on a single computer. It means companies can upload just one suite of software online and allow staff members access to parts, or all, of it depending on their working requirements.
Pigs might indeed fly before I get an online solution from a leading bank that actually gets close to what it could and should do.
Upon discovering that Jamie Oliver loses 30,000 napkins a month to petty-theft, I could not help but feel slightly disappointed. Did no one, for example, have the imagination to pinch all occurrences of the letter 'S' from his menus?
With the whole world so focused on how to bring about growth, the fact that the next step for me is to take my foot of the accelerator for a while might seem counterintuitive.
In 1993, a friend and myself sat in our respective apartments in Boston MA and started a company making application software that used this thing called the Internet for collaboration.
When a company like Microsoft releases a rap video to celebrate its own products, you're likely not going to enjoy the results
So is cloud computing and open source the wrong move for something as highly sensitive as airlines and airports? I'd argue that it is high time that they move into the 21st century and make the great leap out of the 70s - but that's me and my opinion.
Cloud computing is one of the tech buzzwords of the decade - but according to a new survey, no one has any idea what it is