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Dropbox has not been hacked according to an official blog post published early this morning. In a post that first appeared
Today, there is likely to be at least one app that helps with each of these challenges. The tech sector is constantly building cloud applications that help with all sorts of small business needs - taking a look at GetApp reveals over 5,800 app listed.
CryptoLocker shows that this is just the kind of complacency that criminal gangs are banking on. Gene Marks, a well-known small business writer and commentator, certainly seems to agree.
In the pre-internet era, data security was essentially endless files filled with thousands of documents. It is hard to believe that there was a pre-internet way of doing business securely at all, or that any business that operated during those times is still going today. It must have been a head spinner to adapt to new technologies.
Studies show that only seven per cent of people back up their personal data and only 23 per cent do so on a monthly basis
The rumours said we'd get 100GB free cloud storage. Google Drive has instead launched its new cloud-based storage system
The rumours about Google Drive have been coming fast and furious lately, and now we've got one more piece to add to the puzzle
Google is set to make a big announcement, and top of the rumour mill is 5 GB free cloud storage on Google Drive for all users