This Saturday, April 18, is the sixth World Circus Day. To celebrate, here are 15 fabulous facts about the sawdust circle.
We're sure there's a rational explanation for why the BBC website went down. But what in god's name is that picture they
In this ever fast paced society we want the big stunts and need to gasp with our hearts racing before we will confess to being entertained. Are you not entertained, asked Maximus Decimus Meridius and Jay Z. No, not when the clowns are on we're not.
A woman is taking legal action against a “haunted house” attraction, claiming she had her daughter were assaulted and harassed
A sinister and slightly terrifying suited clown holding a solitary balloon has been creeping out residents of Portsmouth
If you find clowns terrifying, you’ll probably need a change of underpants after watching this. Looking like the bastard
It's no laughing matter. Clown numbers are falling in the UK with numbers plummeting to the hundreds in recent years because
IT'S HAPPENING AGAIN!!! After the terrifying scary-clown phenomenon terrorised Northampton, it has now reached Norfolk. Norfolk
Clowns may have just got even more terrifying - for drug cartels at least. An assassin in a clown costume complete with a
A sinister looking clown has turned himself into police – after complaints he was seen “acting suspiciously” near secondary