Club of Rome

HowTheLightGetsIn, the philosophy and music festival at Hay-on-Wye, has just finished its fifth outing. To find out how the
Do we need a new story to give us the determination to influence our political masters and mistresses into taking action? Do we need a new story to change our own beliefs and habits into something resembling more closely the ways of our ancestors?
Technical advances alone cannot dictate our future. We must decide whether we are a part of, or apart from, Mother Nature, the natural systems that provide us with life-giving services. Our discussions on climate change should impel us to ask whether we care enough to leave our future relatives with a world worth inheriting.
I welcome the Club of Rome's ValuesQuest agenda, because it challenges this deficit of aspiration. And because I'd like to see more 'becoming' and less 'being'; more people putting themselves on the line and less shoulder-shrugging.
Can we separate thinking from being? I'd suggest that thinking, rational and irrational, is part of being, that thinking implies language, and that language is a primary instrument for giving expression to sensation and experience.