Prominent politicians have lavished praise on Trump, just weeks after damning him.
When asked about his father's legal troubles, the younger Giuliani offered up deflections and conspiracies.
At least eight of the people facing charges for last month's insurrection didn't actually participate in the presidential election, according to CNN.
"The job was unrelentingly weird," journalist Daniel Dale wrote of the gig.
Audio of the president trying to persuade a Georgia official to change election results is "the ultimate smoking gun tape," the Watergate journalist said.
“The feeling that I have is kind of like what a drunk driver would have if they killed their family,” Tony Green said after hosting an event that led to multiple infections.
Four nights of the DNC "didn’t have the quantity of dishonesty of tonight’s one Republican night," said Daniel Dale.
The president shared a doctored clip of a Black toddler running from a white toddler, in an apparent attempt to discredit a major news channel.
“Open your eyes, America. Open your eyes. We are teetering on a dictatorship. This is chaos," the CNN host said after Trump's Rose Garden address.
CNN correspondent Omar Jimenez and two members of his crew were arrested by Minnesota State Patrol officers while they were broadcasting live from protests in Minneapolis. Jimenez, who was covering the demonstrations that have erupted in the city following the death of George Floyd, was placed in handcuffs. A producer and a camera operator were also detained.