Co-operative Group

Some commentators questioned whether the Co-operative Party's 2014 Annual Conference might be its last. A year on, our Party is moving forward and preparing to help shape the future of the co-operative and labour movements.
Of the six thousand co-ops in the UK, the Co-operative Group is often the one to hit the headlines, and over the last eighteen months, despite a recent return to profit, often also for the wrong reasons...
Now I know what a steamroller can do. The last year has been the most dramatic and the most traumatic ever for the co-operative sector. For years, you wait for the mainstream business press to pick up on the potential of the co-operative model in today's more open and fluid world of enterprise, and then...wham.
Two things really matter now. Restoring the nation's largest co-operative to health, securing the jobs of thousands of employees; and seizing the opportunity that comes from an increased public profile to make the case for co-operative forms of business and service delivery, which have never been more needed.
Co-operative Group chief executive Euan Sutherland's resignation has been accepted by the board, after offering to quit as
Week in week out the 32 Co-operative MPs, 17 Peers, 4 Members of the Scottish Parliament, 9 members of the Welsh Assembly and hundreds of councillors champion this same vision of a society where power is shared more evenly; where businesses are run in the interests of members and communities .
Around 50 branches are to close as control of the Co-operative Bank is handed to a group of investors as part of a rescue