Co-operative Party

'With each passing day they are driving us closer to a no-deal Brexit'.
Jeremy Corbyn has accused the Tories of “transparently failing” on Brexit and leading Britain towards the “economic disaster
Theresa May's party accepted nearly £5.5 million in first quarter of 2017.
The Tories accepted more than twice as much as Labour in donations during the first three months of the year, new figures
Some commentators questioned whether the Co-operative Party's 2014 Annual Conference might be its last. A year on, our Party is moving forward and preparing to help shape the future of the co-operative and labour movements.
Two things really matter now. Restoring the nation's largest co-operative to health, securing the jobs of thousands of employees; and seizing the opportunity that comes from an increased public profile to make the case for co-operative forms of business and service delivery, which have never been more needed.
Week in week out the 32 Co-operative MPs, 17 Peers, 4 Members of the Scottish Parliament, 9 members of the Welsh Assembly and hundreds of councillors champion this same vision of a society where power is shared more evenly; where businesses are run in the interests of members and communities .