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A senior bishop has likened opponents of gay marriage to Christians who used the Bible to support slavery. The Anglican Bishop
Tory activists have attacked David Cameron's support for gay marriage, claiming it has made it impossible for the party to
On Tuesday a huge majority of MPs lent their support to gay marriage. However those campaigning against the Bill admit only
A campaign group set up to fight gay marriage has been accused of misleading voters by suggesting MPs support the campaign
Same-sex marriage poses a "real threat" to the freedoms of teachers with traditionalist views, a Tory MP has warned. David
Conor and James have set up a rival petition against one hoping to prevent same-sex marriage from being legalised in the UK - the Coalition for Marriage (C4M). It's a relatively harmless looking movement upon first inspection, but its suggestions about the effect of gay relationships on society become increasingly disturbing as you trawl their website.
Children in schools in England and Wales could be taught about same-sex marriage should proposals to allow gay people to
The Coalition for Marriage has amassed 559,000 signatures against same-sex marriage; many of whom signed in the false belief that the government was going to force religious institutions to marry same-sex couples. This issue is not about numbers. It's about principles.
The UK government has committed itself to marriage reform to include same-sex couples. It was an obvious and largely uncontested announcement... until a new and secretive coalition of fundamentalist organisations whipped up an artificial storm.
Why should a man and a woman have the exclusive right of exchanging their lifelong promise to each other in the presence of God? What makes me different? I swore an oath to God that I'd protect Queen and Country as a young 16-year-old boy facing military service. Why shouldn't I be afforded the same respect from a faith that I have served so well?