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Police are investigating after suspected human waste was found in a consignment of drinks cans delivered to a Coca Cola factory
A very wise woman once said of advertising, "do the kind of work nobody else is doing". Now I'm no fan of hanging my hat on the pithy one-liners of advertising greats. It feels a little bit like Sun Tzu quotations on strategy slides, or Steve Jobisms introducing creative work. But doing the work nobody else is doing appeals because of its blunt and instructive clarity.
'We can celebrate without allowing Coca-Cola to hijack Christmas.'
Coca-Cola’s Christmas truck tour should be banned, according to public health experts writing in the British Medical Journal
The political and social turbulence of Britain voting itself out of the EU, in part due to anti-immigration sentiment, and
If you thought selfie sticks signaled the end days, then don’t hold your breath because humans have outdone themselves yet
"You can't predict destiny, that's the beauty" sounds like a cross between a line from a John Lennon song and a pre-battle
As a small producer, and working with many other start-ups and other small producers, we have perhaps a unique position from which to view the proposed sugar tax, due to take effect from 2018.
Adidas is clearly a brand that cares about its reputation. So much so that it recently cancelled its high-profile sponsorship