By 2050, climate change could mean up to half the land used globally to grow coffee could be unusable.
The spill damaged equipment, producing an electrical burning smell and smoke, an accident report revealed.
The scheme, which could recycle hundreds of millions of cups each year, is aimed at commuters – handy if you forget your reusable cup when you leave the house.
Drinking three cups of coffee a day was found to raise the risk of a migraine headache.
But alcohol and nicotine will stop you getting shut-eye, a new study suggests.
You can make this coffee tonic in under five minutes. These coffee experts share their tips on how to do it best.
You'll need to give it back once you're finished, though.
An expert explains the long list of reasons to keep your habit to a few cups per day.
A new UK study shows that the amount of coffee you drink doesn’t put you at more or less risk for heart disease or stroke. Previous studies had indicated that increased caffeine consumption could stiffen the arteries, putting pressure on the heart. But this recent study, part-funded by the British Heart Foundation, showed whether participants were no more likely to have stiffening of arteries if they had 25 cups of coffee a day than if they had one.