"The rate at which Coca-Cola is pumping out single-use plastic bottles is just breathtaking," says Greenpeace.
Labour MP Keith Vaz has warned that the Coca-Cola truck will not be welcome if it pulls into Leicester over the festive period
When we published a list of things that happen to your body after you consume the world's favourite soft drink, everyone
Now, you might think that the protection of my teeth would be a good reason to stop drinking drinks like Coke, but since the state of my teeth mean they're probably a lost cause anyway, let me tell you why football is the actual reason... Well, not football itself, but the worldwide governing body of the game, FIFA.
The formula for Coke is supposed to be a heavily guarded secret, but according to The Mirror the details have been readily
Coca-Cola has been forced to pull a massive social media campaign after it was inadvertently forced to send out passages
It's going to cost more than milk. Maybe twice as much, but is also supposed to have heaps of additional health benefits. There are also significant health benefits with not drinking milk and doing exercise, but Coca Cola isn't selling that.
"This machine in Lerna, IL is rumored to be the world's fastest," explains the description on this YouTube video. "It is
We have created a culture that, on mass, rejects spiritual belief yet deifies the famous. Our new, modern day religion is the focal point of many people's lives. A whopping 11.7 million people trawl through the celebrity gossip pages of the Mail Online every day!
The famously explosive experiment in which Mentos are dunked in Diet Coke hardly needs repeating at this point: the internet