cold feet

‘Cold Feet’ makes its long-awaited return to our screens this evening after a 13-year absence, and it turns out Helen Baxendale
It’s been 13 years since we last saw Adam, Pete, Jenny, Karen and David, but ‘Cold Feet’ fans will be able to catch up with
He lost wife Rachel in a car crash at the end of the last series.
The return of ‘Cold Feet’ is mere days away, and bosses have now revealed further details of what is in store for James Nesbitt’s
And it's based on the creator's own mental health struggles.
’Cold Feet’ is to tackle the topic of male depression when the classic comedy drama returns later this year.  The revived
'Cold Feet' is returning to our screens after 13 years.
The first trailer for the brand new series of 'Cold Feet' has arrived, starring James Nesbitt in the sequel to the much-missed
She took some persuading to sign up for the new series of the ITV drama.
'Cold Feet' star Hermione Norris has revealed she did not originally want to return for the show's upcoming revival.  The