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Everyone's favourite 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' segment is back with a vengeance - Celebrities Reading Mean Tweets. This edition
Today may well now be a golden age for Irish film and television, with the industry in 2015 worth several hundred million pounds. Long gone are the days when programmes depicting the Troubles, which began in 1969, were filmed overseas.
The great filmmakers of the future are losing their opportunities to shine, is the fear of veteran actress and director Liv
'True Detective' actor Tim Murphy considers the show’s creator Nic Pizzalatto to be “brave” in taking the second series in
Colin Farrell has reportedly landed himself a magical new role, after been tipped to join Eddie Redmayne in the film adaptation
Sure, there are other characters in the sophomore season of HBO's True Detective, but it's the battle between Detective Ray Velcoro (Colin Farrell) and his moustache that offers the most gut-wrenching relationship.
Honestly, if it wasn’t enough to be constantly reminded of how fabulously talented most celebs are (no, we’re not looking
Colin Farrell co-stars with 'Downton Abbey' alumna Jessica Brown Findlay, Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly and Eva Marie
Colin Farrell has revealed details of a relationship with the late Elizabeth Taylor. The Irish actor claims that the pair
Colin Farrell got a scare this weekend when a crazed fan turned up at his LA home. The unexpected, and unwanted, visitor