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With A Level Results Day now less than a week away I wanted to share some top tips to make this stressful time a little easier, because let's face it, whatever results you're expecting, this day can be daunting!
I left it a 'bit late' till I realised that University was the only viable option left for me to spend my afternoons in bed and my early hours watching films I'd seen before and eating Rocky Road bites, but nevertheless, I'm here now and going into my second year at 23...
Fresher's week, starting university and leaving all your home comforts behind is all that applicant students will be thinking about this summer. Whilst there is a lot of excited adrenaline coursing through veins, there will also be a lot of trepidation and nervousness.
It has been proven that people have different learning styles and not everyone works well under pressure. If a mark was devised from a student's overall progress throughout the year, taking class participation and coursework into consideration, surely this would be a fairer judge of their academic ability...
What I want to question is though, why the government has just started wanting to help mental health in schools? They have had years to do so, even by providing teachers better training with Mental Health awareness and understanding or making Mental Health a compulsory unit in Science or ECM, yet they have failed to do anything until recently...
Why is it, that in our community, we feel that being single is a punishment, undesirable; and basically means you're a hideous leper? This is what I tell my mother constantly, as more than once a week she asks if I am seeing someone.
From freshmen to seniors, it seems as though everyone is itching to get back. Sure, it's not all butterflies and rainbows, but this is perhaps the greatest reminder that we should take nothing for granted as students of Washington College.
So you're thinking of going to college but can't depend on financial support from your parents. In this situation it may seem like financial constraints mean you'll never be able to achieve your goals. Indeed, with the average cost of attending an in-state public college in 2012-2013 reaching over $22,000, it's little wonder you're concerned!
Being an international student - whether you're in the UK, USA or Europe - is daunting and many can find themselves in a sticky situation with unscrupulous landlords or dodgy visa companies. Even seemingly simple tasks like setting up a mobile phone or a bank account can suddenly become very confusing.