Pok Wong graduated with a first-class degree in international business strategy but claims her experience at Anglia Ruskin University was poor.
Across the country, rape culture pervades campuses and videos of racism in halls go viral, while universities continue to fail and further marginalise the students who need them most.
I have been looking after myself since the age of sixteen, when I moved into supported housing alone. But that doesn’t mean that it suddenly becomes easy.
One of the women involved said: "I think it’s important to remember this isn’t a victory for any of us really.”
Three male students were banned – one for life – after a slew of racist, homophobic and antisemitic remarks were found in a Facebook chat.
Ministers say the move "breaks the mould" but Labour says "serious questions" remain.
It will only be when all institutions recognise that students without family support exist, that estrangement will be seen as a legitimate issue
There will be people out there looking for someone just like you. So get looking.
Further education is the only part of the education system to be cut year on year for over a decade. A failure to invest in our colleges would be a failure to invest in our country’s future