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Men look at the wreckage of a vehicle near Ain Amenas, Algeria His comments came as David Cameron prepared to update MPs
A leading Libyan opponent of Colonel Gaddafi, forcibly returned to the north African country in a joint operation with the
A new report into the final hours leading to Muammar Gaddafi's death nearly one year ago has claimed that the Libyan dictator
The rebels' ability to strike at the heart of the Syrian regime's feared security apparatus, to battle its troops in Damascus and take control of border crossings, in a coordinated, well-planned and executed campaign, shows that Assad is doomed.
Scotland's Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill has defended his decision to release the Lockerbie bomber almost three years
It must be terribly hard work being a military dictator these days, having to spend your nights with one eye open in case the down-trodden proles get ideas above their station and run amok through the streets in brazen revolution while you have to flee for your life down a sewage pipe.
Since March 2011, when the uprising in Syria first began, over 8,000 people have been killed by Bashar al-Assad's regime
French President Nicolas Sarkozy has denied "grotesque" claims he received £42m to fund his 2007 election from former Libyan
French President Nicolas Sarkozy received £42m to fund his election from former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, it was claimed
If our President is to be believed, then Sierra Leone is booming. Supported by Tony Blair and international lobbyists, he has taken this message around the world. But good PR is no substitute for the truth. When Colonel Gaddafi gifted honorary membership of the Sierra Leonean parliament, there is so clearly much that is rotten.