colonel gaddafi

When Mike O’Brien first met Colonel Gaddafi the Libyan leader was wearing cut-off shorts and a bush hat with its front turned
Nato has said it will continue to strike targets in Libya in order to protect civilians, but with rebels battling for control
Colonel Gaddafi's 42-year rule of Libya is unravelling quickly, leading to questions over who or what will take his place
The leader of Libya's National Transitional Council has declared Muammar Gaddafi's rule "at an end" as rebel fighters stream
Nick Clegg has said Syria's president Bashar al-Assad is as "irrelevant" to the country's future as Colonel Gaddafi is to
Prime Minister David Cameron has warned that difficult days still lie ahead for opposition fighters in Libya, as he admitted
Libyan rebels have captured Saif al-Islam, the eldest son of leader Muammar Gaddafi, the International Criminal Court has
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- David Cameron is to chair a meeting of the National Security Council on Libya (NSC-L) after cutting
Libyan rebels battled their way closer to Tripoli on Sunday to help fighters inside the city who rose up overnight declaring
A newsreader on Libyan state TV has said she and her colleagues are prepared to "become martyrs" as rebels advance towards