These are just a few approaches you could consider when choosing comedy shows and comedians to see at the Edinburgh Festival. Whether you're going for a weekend, a week or for the entire length of the festival, the Fringe is a fantastic opportunity to embrace live comedy - stand-up, sketch, improv and more! There's nothing really like it. Have a wonderful festival!...
Before you splutter all over the comments section, let's be clear that the end goal isn't a rigid 50/50 gender split of everything that ever goes on telly. Nobody's advocating shoehorning extra women into every possible scenario, just to make a statement.
The fearless and somewhat pioneering sprit that got me in to stand-up comedy all those years ago is now nudging me into the bosom of crowdfunding. Like most fiscal virgins I'm blushing in anticipation.
I had done four comedy gigs out there, and I was nervous about how the American audience would take me. Again, a fabulous surprise! No chauvinism or sexism. No drunken heckles or slurring jibes. Just laughter and smiles and the joy of being told that I sound so elegant even when I say the words "Massive D**K and "Garlic flavoured sperm"
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