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If you have an aversion to Christmas trees, snow and eggnog, then rest assured: you're not alone. Rachel Parris shares your
Sometimes a bit of silliness over the holidays is necessary. After hearing this song too many times already I thought I'd create my own version ;-)
They're successful, rich and a hit with the ladies. So naturally, British faux-ksters Mumford & Sons are ripe for the mickey
It’s the Queen’s official birthday on Saturday - so here's a little ditty for Her Maj, courtesy of The Bright Tones. Take
And we're including George Formby's 'When I'm Cleaning Windows' in that bold statement. Yes, sketch trio Pappy's have released
Men! Do women always think of you as a 'nice guy’? Are you stuck in ‘the friends zone’? Well, worry no longer. With lines
Gentlemen! Need a bit of Movember motivation (geddit?!)? Check out our reworking of an Earth, Wind & Fire classic... (Made
It seems that musical comedian Vikki Stone has moved on from Phillip Schofield. Yes, a new silver fox has caught her eye
Allow musical comedian Vikki Stone to explain - through the medium of song, of course. Stone is fronting the campaign for
Are you, like the rest of the nation, fed up to the back teeth of LinkedIn? Well, fear not - because there's a song about