comet landing

The European Space Agency has made a last-ditch attempt to drill into the surface of a comet as the batteries on its lander
None of the nations involved could have hoped to achieve this goal single-handedly. None would even have attempted it. None of the international experts who came together would ever had a chance to be part of something this complex, enriching, fascinating and, yes, just plain exciting, without the European Space Agency... It's cost us 10 years, millions of pounds and man-hours but the result of this amazing feat of European co-operation, fundraising, co-ordination and joint research is truly priceless.
When the European Space Agency managed to successfully land the Philae probe on a comet, lots of scientists were understandably
The European Space Agency (ESA) landed on a comet on Wednesday in a remarkable first for space exploration. Not NASA. Unfortunately
The European Space Agency craft Rosetta is preparing in the very near future to land a probe on a comet, in what would be