No, Halley's Comet isn't coming back early. If you were to take the word of everyone from Metro and the Independent to the
In about six weeks a European space craft will attempt to land on a comet for the first time. A successful landing would
Asteroid strikes are rare but not impossible. As proven by last week's impact in Nicaragua the Earth can only protect us
The European Space Agency's Rosetta space craft arrived in orbit around a comet on Wednesday after a four billion mile journey
The European Space Agency has announced its Rosetta space craft has become the first to ever rendezvous with a comet. ESA
Today in terrifying news about our total inability to spot incoming asteroids, we have a reality check for you. For while
Nasa and the European Space Agency have started their search for the remnants of Comet ISON, the so-called 'Comet of the
Comet ISON may be dead, but the journey isn't over. First, there is still an enormous amount of important science to be done
Nasa has released a new video of Comet ISON, the so-called 'comet of the century' which could be set for a spectacular light
NASA image use policy.NASA Goddard Space Flight Center enables NASA?s mission through four scientific endeavors: Earth Science