Comfort food

They're sweet, rich and fluffy. And made in three short minutes.
You know the feeling. It is an hour or two after dinner. You are watching your favourite reality TV show and suddenly you
Eating until you feel sick is not comfort eating.
The Danish art of 'hygge' traditionally revolves around enjoying time at home with friends and family, lighting candles and eating indulgent comfort food. But following the Christmas binge you might be thinking that scoffing Danish pastries just isn't synonymous with trying to lose weight.
These days my comfort eating is a little more healthy. I can't eat chocolate, or cakes anymore. So when I comfort eat I lean to nuts, health bars, yogurts...but I do still comfort eat although not as much and I am learning to control it.
The new and always updating information on the link between food, behaviour and health doesn't have to mean the death of the doughnut, or put the kibosh on cake. But we need other strategies too; ones not always involving an overdose of calories.
I never liked lemon curd when I was little, though the truth is I had never tried it. I was yet to discover the joys of tuna, brown sauce, green beans, mayonnaise, tomatoes, cold custard and spaghetti carbonara simply because I had decided I didn't like the look of them.
Over the colder months, it's important to stay warm and fend off the threat of colds and flu by providing your body will all the right nutrients. So I have put together some warming recipes you can enjoy.
When it comes to January, things on the food front can seem a little bleak. This is mainly because the food baby you've been
Winter's on the way and seeing as hibernation isn't really an option, we've come up with the next best thing - the finest comfort foods from around the world. A crackling fire is optional (but preferable) in all instances.
As the cold weather descends, what food do you turn to for comfort? A recent poll has found the traditional Sunday roast
After a long, stressful day, the immediate solution is to soothe your nerves with comfort food. But here's something to unfortunately
Making good mashed potato may sound like a simple task, but go off-piste and you'll find yourself with something that either
Chicken-Chorizo Pie (serves 6) 500 g (1 lb 2 oz) pâte brisée, or 2 packets shortcrust (pie) pastry 2 cervelas Lyon sausage
I can't answer for the authenticity of this goulash* but I can say, hand on my not-remotely-Hungarian heart, it's extremely tasty and the perfect winter comfort food.
Celebrity personal trainer Tracy Anderson has a brilliant bit of advice that's right up our Say No To January street. For
Turkey is an exceptionally healthy meat, so what better way to undo all that good work than with a rich stew and a gorgeous
As if the post-Christmas period wasn't bleak enough, now there's a cold snap to add insult to injury. But apart from being
The full English breakfast How, you ask, is this healthy? Emily reveals that it's all in the ingredients. "The English breakfast