When it comes to endorsing body diversity, fashion brands can't win. The latest example of this? Calvin Klein and its new
This has been buzzing round my head for a while so I'm just going to come out and say it - Kim Kardashian is a great female
When it comes to getting married, the wedding day, despite being the apogee of an engagement, is really just one part of
David Cameron, our Prime Minister, has a problem with the word 'feminist', it seems. He has refused to wear a t-shirt sporting
So Facebook's chief operating officer, Sheryl Sandberg, says there should be more ads that celebrate women. I'd go further
When Emma Watson stood before the U.N. General Assembly, and the rest of the world, last month and formally invited men to
Facebook and Apple have started offering their female employees egg freezing and storage as part of their medical coverage
There's some things in life that shouldn't be done half-arsed. Bikini waxing, The Sopranos boxset, advanced mathematical
Not long after my boyfriend Sean and I moved in together, I discovered an unexpected bonus: our house was much cleaner. Then
I would never have before said that I was a feminist, but I now realise that being a feminist isn't how it is culturally phrased- that you hate men. Thanks to Emma Watson and her intelligent and insightful words I've had a feminism awakening, hopefully alongside many others, female AND male.
These days, that couldn't be easier - one Twitter or Instagram post and a designer gets their credit, millions of followers
I get very excited when I get invited to a wedding. I'm a typical romantic who gets caught up in the emotion of it all. I
If you haven't watched (and quoted lines to your best friend/brother/mum/sister from) Emma Watson'sspeech on the HeForShe
Deepika Padukone has received support and praise across social media for her fight against the Times of India - and rightly
From Cara Delevingne's appearance on the Topshop catwalk to the Chrissie Hynde-inspired rock chicks seen at Tom Ford's show
The piece revolves around the concept that when trying to confront the issue of talking to disabled people the advice is always negative, always a list of "don't"s and rarely "do"s. Mr Hoge then states that most of these are the opinion of the authors and then gives a list that he states are things "you can say to someone with a disability".
If I'm honest, Kelly Brook has never really been my kind of girl. She's not high up on my list of inspirational women, though
The booty existed long before belfies, J-Lo or Sir Mix-A-Lot immortalised the behind in his 1992 anthem, 'Baby Got Back' ('I
As part of a multi-million pound "women friendly" initiative in South Korea's capital Seoul, female-only parking spaces - complete
What will it take for UK consumers to prioritise ethical fashion? The collapse of a clothing factory in Bangladesh in 2013