These days, that couldn't be easier - one Twitter or Instagram post and a designer gets their credit, millions of followers
I get very excited when I get invited to a wedding. I'm a typical romantic who gets caught up in the emotion of it all. I
If you haven't watched (and quoted lines to your best friend/brother/mum/sister from) Emma Watson'sspeech on the HeForShe
Deepika Padukone has received support and praise across social media for her fight against the Times of India - and rightly
From Cara Delevingne's appearance on the Topshop catwalk to the Chrissie Hynde-inspired rock chicks seen at Tom Ford's show
The piece revolves around the concept that when trying to confront the issue of talking to disabled people the advice is always negative, always a list of "don't"s and rarely "do"s. Mr Hoge then states that most of these are the opinion of the authors and then gives a list that he states are things "you can say to someone with a disability".
If I'm honest, Kelly Brook has never really been my kind of girl. She's not high up on my list of inspirational women, though
The booty existed long before belfies, J-Lo or Sir Mix-A-Lot immortalised the behind in his 1992 anthem, 'Baby Got Back' ('I
As part of a multi-million pound "women friendly" initiative in South Korea's capital Seoul, female-only parking spaces - complete
What will it take for UK consumers to prioritise ethical fashion? The collapse of a clothing factory in Bangladesh in 2013
What's wrong with the word 'chick lit'? It's just a label. Shorthand. Maybe. Or maybe it's another way of putting women down
Some of the most successful books of the past couple of years have fallen into the self-help division of literature. Tell
If I read one more ridiculous, overblown soundbite by one more ridiculous attention-seeking celebrity, I'm going to give
Kate Middleton is pregnant with twin girls! Or so the tabloids would have you believe before you realise it's just, er, how
From each season's must-wear colour to this month's most covetable trainers, fashion trends come and go. That's the point
Poppy Delevingne has banned the use of social media at her upcoming wedding to fiancé James Cook. This news might come as
This week a seemingly distraught and heartbroken Katie Price (nee Jordan) took to Twitter to announce her divorce from husband
Let me tell you the story of my wedding morning. It was a champagne-fuelled blur of hair-curling, makeup-applying and nerves
In their upcoming book The Vagenda: A Zero Tolerance Guide To The Media, writers Holly Baxter and Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett
Peaches Geldof's Instagram account was shut down at the request of her family two days after she was found dead in the home