All these voices have their time and we hold them in a special place, partly because of the moments they are fortunate to commentate on - pieces of history - but there is also a point when they begin to tire. Knowing when to quit is never easy and I respect Blofeld and Motson for their decisions to walk away when others would have carried on. But, my dear old friend, they have both had a good (career) innings.
I don't like John Virgo because, in my opinion, he is the complete and utter antithesis of what a quality snooker commentator should be all about.
Criticism is great and without it there'd be a lot less motivation for humans to push themselves and keep coming up with better films, better ways of farming, better cars and better air travel, but empty, meaningless remarks don't help anyone. And if the authors of such remarks are being honest, it doesn't help them either.
Since Marion Bartoli won the 2013 Women's Singles at Wimbledon last Saturday, the internet has been awash with analysis of the French star. But the vast bulk of the digital wave has been not discussion of her style, her power, her focus... and no coverage appears to have taken issue with the other party to the conversation: former world number one (female) tennis player Tracy Austin.
2013-04-18-ThatcherI saw not the frail, fallible woman, but the indelible, subjectively interpreted icon that cannot be so easily extricated from the world. The symbol cannot be destroyed.
Over-by-over commentary from Lord's.